Saturday, August 25, 2012

Obviously not a bungee jumper....

There's something really special about making a big move. Something that causes us to reach deep inside ourselves and present ourselves vulnerable. We always say that change can be hard and anything worth having is worth taking a risk for. These sayings are so trite that I almost hate hearing them.

The truth of the matter is that most of us in life would rather keep doing the same thing, or the same things that our families and friends have done for years, rather than take a shot at something new. It's a safe place to be, chartered territory. It's not fair to say that there is no growth in those situations, because there can be. However, stepping out and taking a plunge is very similar to the bungee jumper who hopes the 15-30 minutes of training, the experienced organizers, and the bungee chord all do what they are supposed to do! Keeping with this analogy, think of all the jumpers that helped perfect this process by breaking a limb, crushing their skull, or even worse meeting their doom on the surface below. On the same token think of all the folks that came as close as strapping up for the jump, or the move in my case, and walked away from it after succumbing to fear and anxiety. 

Making a big move with your spouse and kids thousands of miles (let's say from St. Louis, MO to Corpus Christi, TX) is very similar to bungee jumping. Your parents and the ones that you love spent many years training you for something this BIG. They try their best to instill values and beliefs that will serve you well. They provide all the information available to them in helping you understand how serious it is and how bad things could go if all instructions aren't followed. These values and beliefs serve as the harness and jumping off point that you can eventually return to if you need to. They close their eyes, trying to put aside all their fears as you take the plunge. 

Jump! On your first thrust you wonder why you decided to do this. Isn't walking on the flat earth like humans enough! What the was I thinking? Your face cuts through the wind and your gravity forces your body downward as you experience a feeling of vertigo.Then like clockwork you bounce up! For a moment you envision yourself being able to simply grab hold of the person or people that you left behind from your jumping off point, but you realize you can't. You've got to go through with this. Eventually after jumping back and forth you realize that the worst is over. You realize how close you are to the ground below and envision yourself landing securely, then you reach and cut the chord and begin life on the your newly discovered ground. 

I'm still jumping back and forth.  While my life may seem settled, I have an urge to go back to my jumping off point occasionally and walk as I did before. I miss Market Street. I miss Busch Stadium, Ted Drewes, Imos, and White Castles. I miss my grandmother. I miss being able to visit family whenever I wanted to. I miss spending so much time with them that I needed my own space. 

I've never went bungee jumping nor do I ever want to, but I am now in new situation, a new space. 

It gets better.